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Please make the plink filters accessible/editable in Workbench

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I had my Variax since 2015 and I think I lied to myself the whole time about the plink not being an issue or that I can just adjust accordingly.

This is a thousand dollar guitar with a string that can end up sounding absolutely unusable in certain situations. 


I've seen thread after thread about this, and I've seen Line 6 people say they've taken the best they can to address the issue.


Have they really? Why isn't the supposed software/firmware work around with the built in filters adjustable by the user's end? Open this up in variax software please. Make it so you can have like 3-4 frequency bands you can notch out, and adjust the DB levels to. This would literally fix the issue.


If every variax guitar is a hit & miss with the plink sound being an issue, and 70% of guitars have the issue to some degree, why not have it hard coded to be more aggressive towards the issue? Why are the frequency notches so ineffective?


Please just make a firmware update and Workbench update that let's users control the parameters of this. It's not that hard. Just edit it to be software accessible instead of hard-coded into the firmware.

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I am asking this because while some people can just put software EQs in the beginning of a VST chain in a DAW, something like this should be built in the guitar. 

According to Line6Tony or someone else, there is a filter coded in the Variax to fix this.

Ok, apparently it doesn't fix it though. Make this open ended so we can change notch's frequencies and DB of the frequencies

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I say this because I remember when I got my JTV-69. I got 1 which sounded perfect. I had a used 600 prior to this and it has the issue as well. The ONLY reason I returned it was because I thought a software error with the 12 string acoustics + Capo mode was a hardware issue. It was most likely just the DSP buffer messing up and causing issues in rare instances. I knew it was a software issue because the second guitar did the exact same thing.


I sent the guitar back and got another one, and I instantly heard the plink noise in the 2nd guitar. I sent that back to sweetwater, and asked for the 1st guitar back but they said it's being returned for defect already. I got a 3rd guitar, and it had the plink issue as well. I lied to myself and said "it sounds like it's not as bad" or "maybe it's the way it's supposed to sound??"


I was excited to have my JTV and I've used it through out the years. I started getting other guitars, and they all sounded better than my JTV, not even in the sense that "it sounds more real" but it just sounds more pleasant. The plink is a huge contributor. Now I find myself not touching the Variax as much. The modeled strat sounds like garbage compared to the

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