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Helix Rack Live setup HELP


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Hey guys, 


Just wondering if anyone can help me ...


So live, I currently automate snapshot settings using CC#69 (I believe) using the laptop in Cubase. I was just wondering is there any way to also change presets / banks using midi messages? Can't seen to find a clear answer searching google and the forums. 


My plan was to have my helix set out like a setlist so each preset would be named after a song then each song would have it's own sounds and fx etc. But I need it all to be fully automated with the laptop as we play to a click with iems etc.



Mike \m/

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Global Settings>MIDI>MIDI PC Send = ON

This sends the default MIDI PC# on Preset Change.


Bank Change

CC#32 Value 0-7 (Bank 1-8) + Preset#


CC#32 Value 2 PC# 7 selects Bank 3 Preset #7.


Manual Page 72 MIDI Bank/Program Changes.

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The way I do this is I control everything from the DAW (Ableton Live) by having a MIDI Out track in each song which sends the appropriate MIDI sequences to the Helix synchronized with the playing of the track in Ableton.  In my case the Helix is just a passive MIDI device controlled entirely by the live track.  To simplify things I use a Morningstar MC8 which is the coordinator of all MIDI actions.  Each bank in the MC8 equates to a song so when I select the Next Song footswitch on the MC8 it sends the appropriate MIDI sequence to setup the Helix preset and when I hit the Play footswitch on the MC8 it launches the appropriate track in my DAW.  From that point on the DAW sends all further automation actions to the MC8 as a simple single footswitch action through the course of the song.  That allows me to have multiple complex MIDI actions within the MC8 controlled by one single MIDI Out action from the DAW.

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