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Absolute Newb Gx Issues

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Hi, I appreciate anyone who takes time to answer as I am a complete newb. To be totally honest, I don't even know that I'm posting in the right subforum.

I have a Line 6 GX which I use to plug into the computer and play guitar into my laptop. It works beautifully except that I can't hear myself playing without headphones. I've been looking all over but can't figure out a way to play directly into my laptop's built in speakers. Is it possible? If not, is it possible to buy separate speakers that can plug into the headphone slot?

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You could connect your GX headphone outputs to your laptop audio (mic) input. This will allow you to hear the GX through your laptop's built in speakers. However, the sound quality will be poor due to your laptop speakers.


A better solution is, as you say, to get a new pair of speakers. A low cost solution would be detached computer speakers that you would connect to your GX headphones output. A much better (but more costly) solution would be to get a pair of active (self-powered) studio monitors and connect them to your GX 1/4" outputs.

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