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Help me decide between Floor and LT model


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Hi all, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I used search and didn't find anything relevant, but happy to be pointed to links on this subject.


I'm currently a bedroom guitarist but looking to do cover band gigs in the future. I'm heavily invested in Line 6, started with a Pod Go Wireless, then got a Powercab 112 Plus (in case I ever upgraded to a Helix!), and just pulled the trigger on a Shuriken Variax. Now owning the Variax, I'm realizing an upgrade is eventually in the cards, but I'm waffling between the LT and the Floor.


Here's the rub - I do zero recording, zero vocals, and have zero external effects pedals. My entire rig consists of Guitar/Variax + Pod Go Wireless + Powercab 112 Plus and will remain that way. I've watched videos online talking about the Helix Floor's various input/output jacks for recording and vocals and adding external gear, which would be lost on me personally. 


That being said - based on my use case, would appreciate if folks could confirm if I have the "meaningful to me" upgrades from LT to Floor or if anything's missing:


  • Scribble Strips vs no strips
  • 10 stomp switches vs 8 stomp switches
  • Aluminum Construction vs Bent Steel
  • Pedal Edit on the fly vs Pedal Edit in Performance View only (I don't see when I'd edit pedals on the fly, as I expect to have everything planned out well in advance with snapshots, etc, but worth calling out nonetheless)


Would also love any feedback from folks who upgraded from an LT to a Floor and their experience, as it will give me more food for thought on whether the $500 difference is worth it for me. 


Thanks in advance.

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Scribble Strips aren't that important as you get that extra viewing mode on the LT, showing you what all the switches do. I really wish that was available on the Floor as well, as visibility under critical lightning conditions is pretty bad - in direct light or diffused sunlight the Scribble Strips become meaningless.

IMVHO, in case you don't need all the extra connectivity, 10 vs. 8 stomps is what it boils down to. Personally, I dig the 10 switches a lot and used them all the time a) for recording and b) for quick adjustements when not connected to a computer. For actual live playing however, I usually went with 4 snapshots and 4 stomps, which is available on the LT as well.

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Every time it snows (does that a lot here in Denver) I wish I'd paid extra for the heated mirror option on my car.


Unless it's the difference in paying the rent, get the Floor.


One feature you didn't mention is the FX Loops - 4 mono/2 stereo vs 2 mono 1 stereo.

Who knew that someday I'd want to use 4cm AND external stereo devices?


OH DRAT! I bought the load box that doesn't have built-in IR capability!

NO WORRIES! I can run the Line Out back to my Helix Floor on Return 4 for IRs AND have external stereo FX AND use 4cm!

And then there's the users who decide that with all those stereo FX they NEED dual amps and dual 4cm...


One of the features that LT owners most bemoan the lack of is the MIC input. They didn't THINK they needed it, but then...

Little known use - connect the USB to your mobile device, set Re-amp source to 7=Guitar, 8=MIC, then record your band rehearsals.

Don't even need any extra blocks/resources. How much did I save by not needing a dedicated recorder?


And then there's the sturdier Expression Pedal.


Others might come up with other advantages, some will cite work-arounds, some might say worry about that stuff later.

(Go to Ideascale to VOTE for adding Performance view!)


NO WAY I could afford to add heated mirrors to my car as an after-market option!



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I just wanted to add a note about the Powercabs.


I have a PC212+.

A GREAT concept which many (including me) say failed in execution.

As long as I keep it in RAW Mode or Flat Mode for use with IRs, it's OK. The faux stereo is great for ambient weirdness!

The Speaker emulations, not so much. I used to think they were OK, but the more I used them the more their nasally sound annoyed me.

Never mind the problems with L6 Link (not an issue with the PC112+, I'm told...) 

I kept thinking they'd fix those with an update (big selling point), but 3 years later not only is there no update, but it appears as though there never will be.


Can you say "Abandonware"?


However, I REALLY like my Catalyst100. I'm SERIOUSLY considering selling the PC212+ and getting a second one for stereo.

I'm GLAD I have all those extra FX Loops!


"Who KNOWS what tomorrow may bring?"

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On 2/2/2023 at 1:44 PM, dolfan058 said:

Would also love any feedback from folks who upgraded from an LT to a Floor and their experience, as it will give me more food for thought on whether the $500 difference is worth it for me.



I didn’t upgrade - I went straight in for the “full fat” version right from the off, way back in November 2016.


No regrets - used daily - it does all I require (studio based).

If you have the cash, don’t think about it - do it!


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For me:


Helix Floor has scribble strips, as mentioned already.  They make it a lot easier to see in the dark, if you have an involved show.  They are also a separate source of light on a dark stage as a bonus.  Like I played one show where the stage light was completely out for about 10 seconds.  I was able to navigate the stage thanks to having the Helix as my beacon of light :)  Also, the Floor has a 10-stomp mode, that the LT does not have, plus more effects loops. 


Helix LT has a flimsier expression pedal.  If you don't click the pedal in to switch between EXP 1/2, then the onboard pedal will last you just fine for years and years.  LT has no scribble strips, but the performance view where the snapshot names are displayed on the screen is superior to the Helix Floor if you are playing outdoors.  Scribble strips are more difficult to see if you are playing outdoors, compared to the "virtual" scribble strips that LT offers. 


If you don't plan on switching your sounds too much throughout your show, and you don't do all these dramatic dark stage moments where you emerge out of the fog and all that theatrics -- just get the LT.  If you are worried about the expression pedal not being too robust, you can always get an external pedal and use that.  Save yourself like 700 USD. 

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