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DSP overload?


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Admittedly, i am very new to this and growing increasingly frustrated. I spent many hours yesterday trying to build some presets. I thought I was successful and saved them, only to discover today that they are all gone, apparently due to some kind of dsp overload error or something of the sort. Today any kind of presets that do remain will only load in HX Edit if i select them with the device (and they no longer have any names or anything). Today, HX Edit wont even show  much of anything as far as preset names or anything. I seem to have lost all my work. Is the answer that i have to constantly "back up" evrything to avoid loss of work? What the hell is DSP overload?? How is that prevented? Or is it already time to put this thing on Ebay? 

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On 2/5/2023 at 5:00 PM, RhoadesDoug said:

Admittedly, i am very new to this and growing increasingly frustrated.




It's a great help to know exactly what Helix hardware device you have and the version of the firmware that's installed, along with details of your computer and operating system, plus any "error code"displayed by your system.


Help us to help you.


First up, - What the hell is DSP overload?


As in - "Failed to get preset names. Operation failed due to DSP overload. [code -8611]. Now all your presets are blank? That would seem to indicate that you may not be running the same revision numbers of HX Edit and the Firmware that is installed in your hardware product.


O.K let's try this - perform a factory reset of your hardware! As you failed to say what it is that you are using I suggest that you go here and scroll through to the appropriate reference and follow the instructions given there.


I would also advise you to ensure that both your HX Edit and Firmware are the latest versions.


Furthermore, you really should take advantage of the downloadable Owner's Manual for each of the Helix family of products to avoid any more catastrophes.


Remember, it's a computer, if it can go wrong - it will. It's not a question of it it goes wrong - it's a question of when! Let's face it, you wouldn't buy a Learjet and expect to fly it without a few flying lessons first. YouTube is full of "how to" with Helix videos.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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