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New Error when trying to copy preset, import set lists ETC. -8611 Operation Failed due to DSP overload


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Helix Floor -  Firmware 3.5.0


When using the Helix Floor today with HX Edit,  This error occurred when trying to copy and paste presets and to import set lists.

Has any one seen this?  Is this time for a factory reboot and install from back up?

Now the current set list has gone back to what appears to be a factory default.  After some trouble shooting, anytime I click on the fourth set list, an error pops up.  The error only seems to pop up when trying anything with the 4th set list down.  Every other set list doesn't seem to give me problems..


Any suggestions?






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A factory  reset and restore from backup would probably be a good choice.  However it may be some data munging in Helix so it might be worth saving setlist 4 to your hard drive, then test to see if you're getting the same problem in setlist 5 and up with an empty setlist 4.  If that goes well you could then try restoring setlist 4 and see if the problem re-occurs.  Doing a reset and restore from backup might work, but not if the backup has the same data problem  you have in the unit.


One of the key regimens I adopted early on was to not depend on Helix for my storage.  When I change a preset I save it to the hard drive and I restore them as needed.  I can used the "saved" date on the file to know if something has changed and needs to be restored.   In 8 years I've never had any kind of faulty preset.  I think that's more than just dumb luck.

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On 2/7/2023 at 1:30 AM, boblove1 said:

Any suggestions?


Hi, Bob,


This error has been reported in here previously on several occasions - if you do a search for 8611, you can should find them.





even one from a couple of days back.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


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