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Advice: Wobbly Tone Or Volume Knob

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I fixed a wobbly tone knob on my JTV 69 and want to let all know what I did and what not to do.


Do not - remove the Philips head screws holding the pick guard to the guitar body.  There is nothing you want to see in there (trust me).


Do - obtain a super flat (stamped from sheet metal) crescent wrench of the correct size (unsure of the size - cause I don't have the right size wrench myself).   Place masking tape on either side of the wrench if you are concerned about scratching the pick guard.  Position the wrench between the pick guard and bottom edge of the knob and tighten the nut.  


This should restore stability to the knob.


For what its worth Line 6 - you could send someone to Korea to check on the quality issues with the guitars - I think the price point of the guitar warrants the extra cost of eliminating poor quality, unhappy customers, and unnecessary returns.  Despite my bitching - nothing catastrophic has yet to be discovered but one wonders what troubles lay ahead...


So far:


Missing allen wrench for whammy bar set screw

Model knob cap just fell off - had to be reglued

Model knob will turn on/off only in the Custom 1 or 2 positions

Wobbly Tone knob

Intonation issue with high e string


Just saying.

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Found a proper tool for this job.  Its called a spanner wrench.  It looks like a rectangular piece of sheet metal with a "V" stamped out of each end.  The V contains serrated edges perfect for gripping all sizes of nuts.  It is designed to access the narrow space between knob and pickguard and let you tighten the nut.  They are hard to find in stores - may be best to order online.

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I know this is a really old post, but I just came across it and you don't need a special tool. The knobs seem really tight, but they do come off. Just use two spoons to push the knob up on both sides and the knob will just pop off. You can then tighten the nut with your favorite wrench and put the knob back on. You can put tape or something on your pick guard to protect it if you want - I didn't and it worked out fine.

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