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Hd500 - Is There A Way To Save Custom Default Effect Settings?


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No, there isn't a way to do either... I wish there were, though.


The one thing you can do is an existing preset as the starting point for a new one by copying and pasting it from one location to another.

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Just to elaborate on phil_m's suggestion, create a default preset that uses your favorite amp with your preferred settings, and include your favourite FX with their preferred settings. Then simply copy (ALT CTRL+drag/drop in the editor) this default preset to a desired location every time you want to create a new preset. You can creat a default preset for each of your favorite amp/FX combinations.


Edit: corrected keystroke for copying

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I believe it's the CTRL key not the ALT key for copying...


Abstract from the "POD HD500 Edit Pilot's Guide v2.0 - English ( Rev A )" page 6-3:



• Copy & Paste a Preset to a new Channel location: Click on a Preset to select it. Then hold
your Option key (on Mac®) or Ctrl key (on Windows®) and click and drag the Preset to the
new desired Channel location. This replaces the Preset in the destination location. (Note that it
is not necessary to hold any modifier key when dragging a Preset between two different Set List
Panels to copy into the new location.)

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I use a few different amps and a couple of main guitars, but always pretty much the same delay and reverb, so I have a bank of starting presets with my favourite amp settings plus delay and reverb, labelled as what amp they are and what guitar they're for.


So, for example, I might have 'SLO Crunch G' (for Gibson) and 'SLO Crunch I' (for Ibanez).

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