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New to Pod Go - setup questions for use with AER Compact 60


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I'm new to this Pod Go thing. Normally I play acoustic. I use an AER Compact 60 for my acoustic and I figured I could also play my electric through the Pod Go and into the AER since it's a full range amp. The question is how best to set it up for use. Here's what I'm thinking...


From what I've heard I should send the main out to the house PA but if I want to have an onstage amp I could use my AER. The AER has a direct out so I currently just plug my acoustic into the AER input, get a good sound on stage and have the direct out go to the main PA. I love the reverb settings on the AER and would like to use the AER's preamp section for acoustic. Integrating the Pod Go into this and bringing in my electric I think I am supposed to send the main out(s) to the house system from the Pod Go. But to send a signal to my AER I'm using the Amp out. Now I've heard for such a situation one wants to turn off any of the cabinet settings in the Pod Go. But if I do that then aren't the cabinet settings going to the main out(s) missing the cabinet portion?


Or would a better option be to send the Amp out to the effect return on the AER and leave the cabinet settings on the Pod Go alone?


Second question: I still do acoustic stuff. I guess if I'm going with Pod Go -> AER effect return then I am free to plug my acoustic into the Input on the AER? But should I instead go through the Pod Go and if so what would be good acoustic patches? 


Final question: I've also been making and playing along with backing tracks - tracks that have all of the missing instruments to play along with what I will be playing live. Now I'd like to control that music source to but how best to put this into my system? The backing tracks would be coming from my tablet and traveling via Bluetooth which I have in the past plugged into my AER as it has an 1/8" line in.  However, can I instead feed that into the Pod Go via the effect send? That would go to the house PA but would it also go to the Amp out? Because if the house PA sees only the main out(s) from the Pod Go and my AER has the backing tracks then that wouldn't work. And if the Amp out doesn't feed my onstage AER then I won't be able to hear the backing tracks well. And yes I know the sound engineer could put the backing tracks through the monitors but again, I'd like to control that myself as sometimes the sound engineers don't give me a strong enough signal in the monitors for the backing tracks

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