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Brand New Hd500x Stuck On Update Flash


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Ok, I was trying to install the Glen DeLaune tones I purchased and the software freaked out. Finally I attempted to do a reset, first by holding down the left arrow and powering it on (this did nothing) and then I tried to roll back my flash version, with the thought process that I could then reinstall the latest flash version.


After several failed attempts, the LCD on my 500 is now stuck on UPDATE FLASH. I could really use a hand. :(

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Maybe a long shot, but you could try unplugging everything (except power) and then again try powering on while holding left arrow. If that doesn't work maybe try another power outlet on a different circuit (maybe even a different house?).

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Then sadly, it sounds like it's bricked. :(


You'll probably have to get it serviced by a Line 6 repair center, probably not a fun process. Or if you have an alternate power brick to try (9VDC, 3A)?


Does holding the right arrow while powering on do anything? That should bring up the calibration screen.

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Test mode is the calibration screen. So select FLASH with the arrow pad. After that I'm not sure. If you press the view button while FLASH is selected, the screen blanks and displays the word 'flash' in the upper left corner for less than a second, then goes back to the calibration screen with the letter P after the word FLASH. The same thing happens if SDRAM is selected.


I think what silverhead is saying is exactly what he stated.


1. Bring up the calibration screen

2. Select FLASH with the arrow pad (down arrow)

3. Reflash the device using Line 6 Monkey.

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