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HX FX midi channel switching


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I have an Egnater M50 amp which has the swapable preamps. I usually use my Helix rack to change channels in that plus a Synergy SYN2. I had a smaller gig and took just the 2 channel head and my HX FX and at the gig I realized that I could not just use a 1/4 inch footswitch to change the channels. I realize now that the HX FX can do the midi channel switching but I am kind of at a loss to figure out how. On my Rack, each snapshot can be assigned to a different preamp via midi. Will this work the same way on the HX FX? basically I would have all the same FX on a patch and then be able to change preamps per snapshot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a midiot....



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Sorry for not being clear. My amp is already midi so it is a matter of getting my HX FX to cahnge the channels on the amp via midi. I messed around with it and have a weird not ideal way of doing it and would love a better way. Right now I used midi toggle so I have two foot switches that will switch them. However it would be nice to have the one switch be on for channel 1 and the hit it and have it switch my amp to channel two. The amp contoller numbers are 56 and 58 for the two channels so one switch is set to 56 and the other 58. This reminds me of algebra class when there were many ways to get the same answer but one way was simple and I have not worked that one out yet.

Put simply, it would be great to have one switch on the HX go from program 56 Channel 1 and then hit it again and have it go to Progam # 58 Channel 2. Is that possible?

I have no idea how I got where I am on this but luckily I saved the preset and can experiment on a copy of it.


I hope someone out there understands what I said b/c I am not sure i do.

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On 3/5/2023 at 9:35 PM, rwinking said:

Put simply, it would be great to have one switch on the HX go from program 56 Channel 1 and then hit it again and have it go to Progam # 58 Channel 2. Is that possible?



PC messages aren't set up to do momentary/latching on the footswitch (another fine mess they've gotten us into). So you can't use Command Center to program two PC messages to the same footswitch either as Instant commands or footswitch commands.


I think there might be a workaround though:


When you recall a Snapshot, PC messages that are saved with it are sent. This teensy note on page 41:



NOTE: The Value parameters of any instant MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, MMC, and HX Looper
messages, plus the state (dim or lit) of any CC Toggle and Ext Amp messages are automati-
cally recalled when selecting a snapshot.


Since there's also a Snapshot Toggle setting for Snapshot Recall, what you should be able to do is make Snapshot 1 send PC 56, and Snapshot 2 send PC 58, and then toggle between these two snapshots - which don't even have to have anything else in them. So as each is recalled, it'll send the PC value (there may be some additional settings you have to make in the Snapshot itself).


Of course that burns up two of your snapshots so that may not be ideal either. But that's the only way I can think of you could do it.


Not sure if you know this, but in Command Center you can go in and set up Snapshots to be on your footswitches in Stomp mode.


So what you could do is put Snapshot 1 and 2 to toggle on FS 1, then Snapshot 3 on FS2, and Snapshot 4 on FS 3, and then FS4,5,6 can just be stomps (or whatever FS layout you want).


You have 3 Snapshots and 3 stomps that way, and one of your SS is really 2 that toggle to let you change the channel on your amp.


Hope that helps.

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