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Stagescape M20d Media Player Doesn't Recognise M4a Files

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It can aslo handle WAV filetypes. Here's a snip from the manual:


Attach a USB 2.0 hard drive here to record and play back multichannel audio sessions using the M20d’s built-in recording and playback
software. You can also use USB storage to save and recall M20d Presets, or store MP3 and WAV files, which the M20d can play as backing tracks or
music between sets.

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I've converted all my AIFF files into Wave files using "Smart Converter Pro2" and saved it into a flash drive (USB 30GB stick).

Into m20d but still problems with Media player, as I get vthe following message:A PROBLEM WAS ENCOUNTERED IN ATTEMPTING TO PLAY THE SELECTED FILES".



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Here I am again.

I've done few more tests, and it seems that M20d media player DOES PLAY my mp3, but not the converted Wave files...

Shall I convert all the songs to mp3 ?  or perharps there's a solution to getb to play my converted wave files...

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Hi altonabeach,


I'm assuming you are trying to edit those tracks using a DAW (recording program). You won't be able to see any tracks when connected to a computer. You have to stream the audio from the M20d into your computer, recording it into your favorite DAW on separate tracks. Only then will you be able to "see" (edit) them. Section 4-8 of the manual explains the process. Also, make sure you have the latest Line 6 driver installed on your computer.

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I'm also trying to retrieve a recording I did with SD card (Its ok on m20d) but the tracks don't show when connected to my computer!!!

Alternately, you can import the tracks from the SD card into your DAW. The tracks/channels recorded by the M20d are stored as individual WAV files on the  SD card. Most DAWs support importing WAV files as new audio tracks.

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One more problem: I get a double entry when I add mp3 files to M20d media player Play List

Ex : Old time rock & Roll

       -Old time rock & Roll

Hi. It´s a problem with Mac invisible files. Install freeware like "CleanMyDrive" from the MacAppStore solve this. Use it to eject your fat formatted SD card or USB drive will clean this files.
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Don't be so obtuse and keep bringing up old threads.


Digital-sound already posted the answer and the solution. You've obviously missed reading it twice now. Read the threads you post in.



I remember this problem. I think the answer is here -

It's a mac thing I believe. I had the problem, but not anymore.

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