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Preset Mode 'Moment(ary)' not working


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Hi guys, I'm pretty sure something isn't working as it should with my HX Stomp XL (firmware 3.50) but correct me if I'm wrong...


What I want to happen is when I press the mode switch and then I select a preset, the unit returns to stomp mode so I get the coloured blocks for the pedals etc. I'm pretty sure this would be setting 'Preset Mode' to 'Moment' in the Footswitches tab of global settings...


But what does happen is what I believe 'Latch' should do, basically select that preset but remain in preset select mode. Adjusting 'Preset Mode' to 'Moment' or 'Latch' changes nothing about how the unit operates, and a factory reset hasn't fixed it either.


Anyone incurred this before, or know if I'm being a bit slow?!


Thanks in advance for any comments and help.

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