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helix pedal for vocals


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Hi everyone. I have a question, I want to use my Helix for guitar and vocals simultaneously. The thing is, it will be with two musicians, a guitarist who will be up and down, and me on vocals. The issue is that I would like to control various parameters of the vocals (delay, occasional echo, etc.), and not have to be aware of the pedalboard, which the guitarist will be using. I've thought about adding an external pedal, like a switch on/off, to assign those effects, and with my own two or three buttons, without having to be aware of the pedalboard. Do you know if this can be done? And if so, what pedal do you recommend? I need at least two buttons. Thank you.

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MIDI is your friend. The device needs to be able, at the very least, to send Toggling CC messages.

Check out Morningstar (MC3) and Disaster Area (MIDI Baby) for small devices to handle the job.

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Google is your friend.


MIDI Basics :: MIDIWORLD.COM you need.-,What Is MIDI%3F,(Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to MIDI Basics — Pro Audio Files (


There's dozens (hundreds?) more.

For the text challenged there's also lots of poorly done YT Videos.


Once you've grasped the basics, look in your device's manual to find out how to apply what you've learned.

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