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Is there a complete effects reference guide?


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Hi! I got my brand new Pod Go just Yesterday so I'm new to Line 6. I searched for it and I couldn´t find it so excuse me if there is an entire page of this that I didn´t know about, but is there a complete reference to the effects and their parameters?


I was reading the "what´s new in 1.4" and the new effects have an excellent description on how to use and the sounds they create.


I wonder if there is something about the other ones. I saw in the manuals a complete list of effects but since I never paid attention to brands and models, I can´t get enough info from a line that says "modeled after Boss xxxx pedal"


Yeah, the reverbs, dostortions and compressors are all similar and straightforward to use, but modulation ones, pitch/synths and delays are very different from each other and I´d like to read something about before just starting to play with each one to figure out what they do. Thanks!

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There isn’t a comprehensive effects reference guide for the POD Go,  but there is one for Helix. It’s not free but it is very reasonably priced. It is authored by Craig Anderton and is available on Sweetwater. It’s called The Big Book of Helix Tips and Tricks.


Since the POD Go FX are essentially a subset of the Helix FX I believe it will serve as a comprehensive POD Go FX reference guide. Much of the content in this book is Helix specific but there’s a lot that’s conceptually transferable. You’ll have to decide whether you think it’s worth it to you but as I said - very reasonably priced.

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Two good resources; not complete or ultra detailed, but way better than nothing, it has good info:


Since the effects/amps are often based on real amps and effects, you can read up on the original product, and much of it translates to Pod Go; albeit not 100% translation given real vs emulated...  But what each knob does should be fairly similar, for instance, for compressors, while in PGO it's not really explained what each setting does, finding the original unit and reading about it will give you all the info you need to make the same adjustments in PGO.


Good luck!  :D

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