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Build Your Own Custom Presets

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Hey everyone


I assume that everyone has made some at least small tweaks to the factory presets to suit your own style. Do you know how to save them as custom presets?


I just posted a short video on the Line 6 YouTube channel. You can check it out from this link ...



Let me know if you have any questions?

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Cool. Thanks for sharing, dboomer. Could use that to save my own Cajon preset :)


By the way, can we share community created presets in the future? Maybe by exporting and Importangebot them using the SD Card?

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Yep ... there is a cajon icon if you want to.


Everyone should at least take a look.  Maybe you just wanna change the guitar color from sunburst to blue to match yours :)  In the video when you switch to new icons you'll see a box that says "show catagories".  Bunch of good stuff hidden there.

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I've removed loads from the default icons/presets list but if I recall correctly, you simply press and hold the preset in that list and you get a small context menu up with "Mark as Favorite" and "Remove from Gallery" as options.


Mark as favourite adds a small star icon to the preset icon, whereas Remove simply removes it from the strip.

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