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Powercab 2?


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Bought a PC212 a couple of weeks back, registered it with Line 6, then a couple of days ago, I received an email with reference to taking a survey of registered Powercab owners.

This is my second PC+, and as far as I remember, I haven't been 'surveyed' before.

Just wondering if this was 'just me', because I'd registered a new one, did all registered owners get the same email on the same day, and do you think Line 6 has accepted that while the PC+ is a brilliant concept, they haven't executed it as well as they could have done, and are now thinking about taking it seriously and either doing a proper software update, or maybe getting back to the drawing board and doing a proper job with a Powercab 2?


Just thinking out loud.

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They did a survey about a year ago and I had mixed feelings about it then and the same this time. I bought my PC 112+ about 2½ years ago, so it’s not a “new buy survey”, they are checking the market with exiting users. 
If it’s a mkII, checking to make an upgrade to existing or even if there are an interest for this type of product on the market at all, no clue… My thoughts after answering the survey (now and the previous survey) were “they missed the point by not asking the correct questions”. Not even a text field to make a comment/describe my “wish list”/concerns/needs. In this format I can tell what I use, not the same that I’m happy with it. Can’t see how the survey will improve my use case… But I don’t mind being surprised. 


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I got busy and forgot to complete the survey. OOPS!

I hope that they plan to update the existing line and fix the bugs.

If they release a new line without doing so, they won't be seeing any of MY money!

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