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Pod Studio Ux1 Issue

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I'm having a very frustrating issue with my UX1. it's been working perfectly fine since I purchased it back in Sept. '13 and I hadn't had any problems with it. The other day I plugged my interface into my laptop to play my guitar and I wasn't getting any response when I would start to play, all I get is a lot of feedback/buzzing. I tried a different guitar and got the same result. It's really frustrating because that's what I bout the interface for in the first place, to play and record guitar but now I'm not able to do that. If anyone could offer the slightest help I would be very appreciative. 


p.s. I can hear audio through the interface through my headphones when I listen to music or watch videos but I get nothing when playing guitar

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I figured out what the issue was, it was the input cable. I was using an old cable that I've had for years and I switched to the cable that came with the interface and now I'm back to shredding! I was getting pissed because I really like the interface and I was hoping that it hadn't flaked out on me. Thank you for responding though, I appreciate it.

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