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Catalyst 100 custom tone


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On 4/25/2023 at 7:39 PM, BlackToothGin said:

Can someone make a Pantera dimebag heavy distortion custom tone for the catalyst 100 I get close but I'm not good at dialing in 


That is a pretty heavy request, pun intended.  TBH, the only way I have been able to get harder high gain sounds is with additional effects and plugins.  If you have a stomp, or like me, a Nux MG300, you can get closer.  You can also try Tonex or NAM plugins to help.  I was able to get some Janes Addiction/Smashing Pumpkins tones using my MG300 and Tonex CS.  This amp is, IMO, not really great for heavy distortion tones.  Maybe you can get a used Spider or something along those lines to satisfy that itch.  


This amp is really good at doing what it does, but heavy & metal distortion is not what it does best IMO.

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