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HX Effects left by the wayside? Firmware v3.60


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Always keen for a healthy discussion, and would love to also hear from Line 6 experts like @Digital_Igloo !


Its always so exciting when Line 6 drops a new update, reading through the new features and updates, etc., But as a HX Effects user, I have noticed that every update brings less and less for HXFX users.

I am loving what Line 6 is doing in the Helix range, new amps and cabs, etc., and often I wonder… wouldn’t it be wonderful if HXFX could offer some amps and cabs? My setup has changed over the years, where I was using an amp, but now I go direct with Simplifier for amp models, but using the HXFX for its IR capability. I love my HXFX, for me it’s the perfect size and form factor, and often I think it’d be amazing to use some amp modelling on board the HXFX, and I don’t want to downsize to a HX Stomp or upsize to the big Helix range. 

Understanding that Line 6 is maybe not able to comment or indicate future ambitions for the HX Effects, do you guys think that we will see some new effects and capability/functionality come to the HXFX or has the attention moved away to all the other HX/Helix products instead?

There’s lots of exciting new FX coming out to the wider (non Line 6) market, some from Strymon with new reverbs, lots of other quirky and cool mod/filter effects, I wonder if Line 6 could explore expanding the effects range inspired by what’s coming to the market.


As a caveat, I think the HXFX is awesome, and we should purchase a unit based on its current capability, not on potential future capability, and even if Line 6 never added anything further to the unit, I’d still love it and recommend it. 


Always keen to hear everyone’s thoughts! 

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On 4/27/2023 at 5:10 AM, Gabeson86 said:

wouldn’t it be wonderful if HXFX could offer some amps and cabs?


Hello and welcome to the forum. 


Commercially speaking, I don't think that your suggestion is viable. In the range of the Helix family, the HX was specifically created for those who want to use their traditional amp and just take advantage of effects - if they put amps and cabs on the HX, then the HX stomp or even an LT would be almost redundant. I'm a former HX Effects user and loved its form factor but there's many more things going on between the HX and the LT (which I now use) besides the lack of amp + cabs:

  • LT has dual DSP, HX Effects just one DSP;
  • Expression pedal on the LT;
  • Variable impedance selection on the LT (which makes a HUGE difference for me), the HX is fixed an 1M and always sounded bright/tighter to me;
  • Editing is a breeze on the LT, for the HX I always needed a computer to change/create patches, it's not that you can't directly on the unit but it's cluttered and difficult.

I actually use the LT just for effects, as I use in 4CM with a traditional amp and, at the moment, I don't use any of the amps+cabs but I like to know that they are there just in case!


On the HX - you can use one of the drive pedals as preamp and put an IR on the signal chain to play direct. I think others did this way with good results. But I do recommend that, if you want amp+cabs, to make the jump for the LT. I also had the doubt of "it's heavy and big", but actually its not a big deal. Of course, in the past, I used a G-System which was extremely heavy and big - for me the LT size/weight are actually nice!

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Thanks for the welcome @MayPRS! And thank you for sharing your thoughts so well - absolutely see where you’re coming from. And actually reading your points, this makes a lot of sense! 

I have seen some folks pair their HX Effects with the small HX Stomp, and that’s perhaps best of both worlds. 

still, would love to see some of the effects ranges expand, but I see that Line 6 is doing that steadily. 

thanks again for your input! 

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On 4/27/2023 at 5:10 AM, Gabeson86 said:

have noticed that every update brings less and less for HXFX users.




Really - you think so? Hmm... well let's have a little look see.


I wouldn’t say that effects users in particular are missing out.


True the last couple of updates have featured heavily on the new cabs, which is what the majority of users had been clamouring for. Although 3.5 had 24 new cabs running on an all new cab engine, along 5 new amps, it also included 7 brand new effects.


Helix/HX 3.15 (released February 8, 2022) included a new Line 6 original amp, 10 new Helix effects, 18 additional Legacy effects - That’s 1 amp, plus 28 FX.


Previously, v3.10 had one amp and five effects.


Firmware 3.0 had 3 new amps and 2 cabs but an additional 15 effects.


It wasn't until v2.0 in July 2016 that any extras were added in the shape of 5 amps and four effects.


I have been using my Helix floor right from the original version it shipped with and the first update was Helix 1.06.5 back in Feb 2016 and that was essentially bug fixes and stability improvements. I bought it for what it could do then, not in the hope of endless free updates packed with only things I want. No, those fine folk at Line 6 continue to add these free things, some of which I may never use, but I'm very grateful that they do these updates.


So, you see - not that unequal after all and should you feel the urge so buy a "Strymon with new reverbs", or  "lots of other quirky and cool mod/filter effects", those thoughtful people at Line 6 provided your HXFX with Send/Return sockets that you can patch into. I could go on, but... 


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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