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Hi, got my first variax standard yesterday and blown away with the models. Not so with the Alt tuning which does not play isolated Alt tuning notes but a blend of original and Alt note/s. I’ve tried thru a helix lt and direct to amp (quilter tone block frfr) and on daw monitoring and it’s the same. However the recorded sound in the last instance was just the Alt  notes. What’s going on?

I ran monkey and can see, and have updated workbench and the supplied vdi-usb interface but monkey does not see the guitar as a device so no info on firmware or opportunity to flash etc. However, Workbench does download and update the presets to the variax and I have set custom presets with my 1/2step down setups but the same effect. The model/mags balance is set to 100% model for sure in all these examples. 
the only oddity I recall when unpacking was the model select knob fell off and had to be pushed back on but seems to do its job. Any advice please as I don’t want to give up on it just yet as I had high hopes.

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Sounds like dual tone effect. That's when you hear the standard tuning coming off the strings, and the alternate tuning coming out of the amp.

Turning up the amp a bit will minimize it, as would using headphones, depending on where you are and your set-up.


Knob top,... very small dabs of Krazy glue on the knob rim, put the top back on, let it an hour before putting the knob back on the shaft.


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On 4/28/2023 at 1:30 AM, davewilmore said:

Thank you Psarkissian for the prompt and accurate solution in both instances. 
Still can’t get my head round why the acoustic sound of the string is so prominent  vs amplified model but turning the amp up more does resolve. 



Your ears are extremely well developed and sensitive listening devices. The vibrating strings are only a foot or two from your ears. The amp is much farther away and hence needs to be much louder to overpower the sound of the vibrating strings.

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