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**Solved** Help wanted. My JTV-59 doesn't have any models

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Yes I'm using the Variax USB interface. Normaly I saw all the "standard"models. I haven't  used the Workbench HD for a long time because it did not work on my iMac, now I am back on pc. Wanted to change the volumes of the strings. As I turn the model knob on the 59 there is no differend between the models anymore.

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Reset is done by re-Flashing using Monkey.


At this point contact,...

Waaier 36
VW Leimuiden, 2451



Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
1 rue des champs Bat G-ZI de la Piaterie
Wasquehal, 59290

09 83 75 54 86


... they are the authorized service centers in your region.

May need to replace the main board.


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Thanks for the info. I don't think the mainboard should be replaced. It connects correct to the Monkey and the Workbench. I can make my own models and upload to the mainboard. I had hoped somebody in this forum had stored the models that came with the 59 so I could download it to my guitar. Flashing shoud be possible using the Monkey but unfortunately that function is not in the list in my L6 Monkey.

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