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Helix/HX 3.60 Update - Footswitch settings no longer support 8 Stomp buttons?


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I've got Helix Floor with HX Edit.  After updating to 3.60 I noticed changes to my USER preset -- footswitch buttons / assigned stomps changed.


Update from 3.50 to 3.60 went fine (the restore from backup took longer than I've experienced before I think).  Note I followed recommendation to factory reset (everything, button 8&9) before restoring from backup.


Issue:  in my USER presets, I noticed that only the top buttons showed my pre-assigned "stomp" effects (originally assigned via touching buttons).  I was expecting to see the top and bottom rows with my pre-assigned "stomp" effects (or blank if unassigned).  


I checked Global Settings >> Footswitches and changed the 2nd setting/knob and couldn't find "stomp/stomp" option, but other various combinations of "snap", "stomp" and "preset".    I tried changing the other setting/knobs to see what I could achieve, but no luck.  On that 2nd setting/knob option, if I select the "stomp/???" I see my top row of pre-assigned stomp effects I was expecting, and "???/stomp" I see the bottom row of pre-assigned stomps...but no "stomp/stomp" setting option to display both top/bottom rows!


Note, I also tried a 2nd reset to factory / restore from backup but same results.


So either I'm an idiot and forgot how I got all pre-assigned stops to display, or something changed going from 3.5 to 3.6.  Thanks for any help in getting back to a "stomp/stomp" view that displays my pre-assigned button-to-stomp effects.

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I looked in the manual and it does not describe a stomp/stomp setting. I do know the manual is not completely accurate due to it not being updated except for major firmware updates. Are you sure you weren't just in stomp mode which you get to by pressing foostwitch 6. Pressing again will get you back to where you are now.

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:-) I am an idiot...I just needed to switch to "Stomp mode" (FS6) to get there....I must have done that and never looked back (and forgetting how I got there).


Glad not an issue, thanks!

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