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Current Helix Native 3.60 for Win10 appears bugged.

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Downloaded the current 3.60.exe however, after installation, it shows that it is version 3.5. After doing a factory restore of the presets, the new cab models give an error shown in the photo.


Some of the amps from 3.60 like the "Grammatico" are on the list that show the "?" on the amp model but just don't appear in the preset. The "Line 6 Elmsley" amp appears to be missing completely from the update.




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It seems like the installation of v3.60 did not successfully replace the v3.5 version. Somehow your computer system is invoking 3.5 when you launch the Helix Native program. If you are able to look into the technicals and resolve that you should be OK. But….

Rather than try to pinpoint and resolve that error it’s probably simpler to uninstall all versions of Helix Native from your computer and then start again. Before doing so make backups of any setlists/presets you want to keep. This is just a precaution since they should not be wiped out but better to be careful.

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This is a new computer and I installed the 3.60 in a new location. I found the 3.50 my backup drive that my DAW is linked to, installed 3.60 on my new drive instead of my backup drive. Deleted 3.50 off my backup drive and it works fine now thanks.

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On 5/10/2023 at 4:57 PM, SpaceDetergent said:

This is a new computer and I installed the 3.60 in a new location.

For the benefit of anyone else who may have issues with HX Native when changing to a new computer, hard drive, etc., here is the Line 6 advice.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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