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PodGo as an audio interface


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I've used my PodGo since 2020 and have had no issues with it. The inability to have 2 cab sections wasn't great, but most people worked around it by loading their own custom IR's. The amps are great, the effects are great and the PodGo is a great jamming tool, with snapshots and multiple preset banks.


For the past year i have been experimenting with plugins by other brands. either as a standalone or in my DAW. I used the PodGo as my audio interface. I followed the manual to hook it up to the DAW. I never really thought much of those plugins. Even those by major brands. they lacked dynamism and power. Didnt react much to the volume knob. Felt compressed. metal mode chuggs felt flat. solos didnt sing.


So i went back to the PodGo often. 


Until one day when i swapped out the PodGo for another audio interface.


Suddenly my plugins sounded grand. dynamic, full of life. Solos sang. Chugs chugged harder. Tones were less fizzy. The low end more powerful.


hmmm..... why was my signal to the PC neutered when i used the PodGo?

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What do you mean by 'audio interface' and DAW?  How is/was your Go connected to what?


I'm using mine connected to PC via USB, and outputting the sound of the Go and PC to Go's headphone out to an amp and speakers, and it sounds as you would expect; normal, like any other DAC or whatnot.


So either you somehow had an issue, or maybe the other audio interface has some sort of feature which alters the signal (ex; spatial or dynamic plugin).  Go should sound transparent.

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On 5/17/2023 at 8:47 PM, silverhead said:

When using the POD Go as the audio interface were you also using its ASIO driver in your DAW? 

Yes, i used the usb connection to PC and installed all the Line 6 drivers. Used Line6 Asio. And input to daw or standalone plugin was input 3. 

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im cant remember everything, but a 3 years ago i used my pod go as my audio interface and then purchased and returned a Focusrite Scarlette audio interface because i thought it would be better, but then i realized there was no difference between the 2, and i was using cakewalk as my DAW, and tried the free ones that came with the Focusrite Scarlette, i do remember tho, the standalone plugins sounded better than going through the DAW, that was the only difference i noticed, so the pod go ranks up there with the best ones and i recorded and reamped with it and it sounded awesome, then i got sick of recording and using plugins, i felt once i bought professional presets for my pod go, it blew any plugin away by far imo, and i gave up on recording because its honestly very complicated and took up most of my time instead of playing.

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On 6/14/2023 at 6:17 PM, sebabetto said:

Hello! for me the problem is due to a factory fault related to the input impedance.

Open a support ticket if you haven’t already done so. This sounds like a known problem and Line 6 will probably repair your device at no cost to you.

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