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Helix stereo setup advice


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I have had a Helix for about six months and I love it, although it has left me feeling like a total Luddite, having been a “Guitar/1 amp/a few stomp boxes” kind of guy all my life. I have primarily been using headphones with the helix up to now.

However, on the rare occasion that I might find myself in the house without my wife and kids, I would like to have access to some kind of speaker set up that takes advantage of the Helix’s stereo capabilities.

So far, whenever I have used any kind of speaker with a helix I have just run a 1/4 cable out of the left/mono output from the helix into the ‘instrument in’ input of my Yamaha THR 10 (where I’ve been using the Flat channel.

I read somewhere that the THR10 is itself a stereo output if the aux input is used. Does anyone know - if I run a cable out of the Headphones output of the helix into the THR10 aux, would this give the Helix stereo output? I’d have to assume some kind of deterioration in quality.

Another option I’m looking at is having: 


  • one 1/4 cable going out of the left output on helix into the ‘instrument in’ input of the THR10 (using flat channel), and;


  • One 1/4 cable out of the right output from the helix into another speaker

I’m guessing this would give the more desirable results? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for this second speaker?

In either case please pick holes in the two ideas listed above. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

This is all strictly for home use and so I’m not looking for earth shattering volume.


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I would look into a pair of studio monitors or PA speakers, at least 5”. These are not home stereo speakers; they are called FRFR (full range, flat response) monitors. There are many options, and many threads in this forum on this topic. KRK seem to be favourites around here but talk to your local audio store.

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I would say it pretty much depends on how much you want to spend. You can get some cheap computer speakers and use the headphone out from the Helix. There are also all kinds of powered monitors from about $80 on up. Powered monitor is the way I would go since this is just for home use.


I have a pair of these and for just piddling around, they do the job fine. $100 for a pair.


I think cheap computer speakers would not give you what your are looking for. And, of course, the quality of any of these powered speakers will depend on how much you want to spend.

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