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Need help troubleshooting MIDI Automation using Helix Floor and Logic Pro X


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Is anyone here pretty experienced with automating preset and snapshot changes inside Logic Pro X? I’m having an issue with automating the changes to while sending hotkey messages to control Logic. Curious if my problem is in command center or in the setup of the midi track within Logic. 
Hotkeys work perfectly until I start to automate patch / snapshot changes. As soon as I add the automation track, the hotkeys glitch out. I've also used MIDI notes instead of hotkeys and still encounter the same issue. 
So, for example. I’ve got hotkeys set up for play, stop, cycle, next marker, and previous marker. Momentary switches. Works perfectly without issue. Then I add the automation track. When I hit the play button on the Helix, the button acts like a latching button and causes the whole project to glitch out. Only way to fix it is to turn off the Helix and restart Logic. 
Hopefully I’ve explained this in a semi-understandable way haha thanks in advance for any advice on how to fix this!
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I'm sure someone from the MAC camp will respond soon, but in the meantime I'll take a shot at it.


I use Reaper. Reaper has default Hotkeys for transport control. I looked those up and set up footswitches accordingly.

I created a MIDI track to take input from Helix and send Output BACK to Helix.

With the Track Monitor Switch in Reaper set to OFF (to prevent a MIDI feedback loop) I used the Helix FS to start RECORD, switched Snapshots/Presets several times, and hit the STOP FS. Everything worked as expected when I hit the PLAY FS.


What's happening to you sounds like either a MIDI Feedback Loop or you're using Hotkeys from Helix that have other default functions assigned in Logic X.

I can only ASSUME that Logic X also has default Hotkeys. Be sure to use those or lookup the list of Logic X Hotkeys and make sure you're not using something that has another function.

In the MIDI Track, make sure that the Track Monitor Switch is OFF to prevent the dread MIDI Feedback Loop.

I'm not clear what you mean by "As soon as I add the automation track". Do you mean when you PLAY it?

Also, when you switch patches/presets, be sure there's not an Instant Command or Toggling FS that's interfering.


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