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Took my Helix live. Finally


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Howdy gang.
Just wanted to touch base. Finally got a chance to take my Helix out and play live with some new friends. Went to a really nice studio here in the greater Seattle area. Top of the line drums, bass and guitar. The room was full of bucket list gear.  First time meeting and playing with these guys. really nice guys. Found ‘em on CL. Their ad was hilarious so I had to check it out.
I’m running a Helix Rack with controller. 1/4” out to the effects return of my Marshall DSL100HR. 1960 cab loaded with 75’s and 30’s.  
Hole-E-S**t. Tone was ridiculous.
Now listen, I have never tried my Helix with this set up before. She has been parked in my home studio, recording and consuming as many IR’s and patches that I can throw at it. 
I arrived with three presets in snapshot form. Two of the patches were designed without cabs or IR’s. I was expecting the cab block to ruin the sound of the 1960. Boy was I wrong. My best tone came from the patch with an IR. 
We ripped through Stones, Bad Company, Zepplin and Nirvana. It was fun. My ears are still ringing. I’m so very pleased with my set up. Oh, and before I go check this out. The other guitar player has this peddle board of boutique pedals. Really nice stuff. But I liked my tone better. So did he.
He is now shopping. 


Kendall in Seattle

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Hey Kendall, nice to hear that! I'm using my Stomp XL as my only pedalboard for a couple of months now, and so far it is replacing all of my analog drive pedals, except for the fuzz. The HX is going direct in the input of my tube amp. Are you running your set this way too? I had problems using some preamp models in the HX, so I've started using the full amp models and got better results, but never tried with the IR block, maybe I'd try that too.


All the best,


Joe in Brazil.

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Hey JRSpin. I haven’t tried running into the front end of my Marshall. The DSL does AC/DC very well. I need a little more versatility. That’s why I’m just using her power amp section. I run my guitar into the helix and then into the return of the effects loop on the Marshall. That way I’m not using the Marshalls gain stages or EQ. 
I’ll try to remember the patch that I downloaded. It was a purchased preset. I tweaked it a little bit. Mostly the time based blocks. But it was basically stock as purchased.

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On 6/27/2023 at 11:05 PM, Kendall124 said:

My ears are still ringing.


I really enjoyed everything you wrote...except this. Best thing I ever did for myself was getting this set of IEMs with built-in ambiance mics. They're expen$ive, but to have "high-fidelity earplugs with a volume control" is nirvana for my ears. I even wear the IEMs to concerts and movie theaters where the sound is too loud.


Full disclosure: I endorse these IEMs but am not compensated for doing so. I just believe strongly that musicians should protect their hearing. 


Sorry for the detour, back to why Helix is so effing wonderful!

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Man, that's awesome to read.  Thanks for sharing. I've been running 4CM for a long time with a bunch of amps but I've settled on a Peavey Delta Blues 15 and a Fender HRD III in stereo. The routing was a bit of a pain but I've got it sorted now. I may try straight to the poweramp with the new cabs soon after reading this though. You've piqued my interest.20230627_162909.jpg

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