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POD Go Power Amp + Cab


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I recently bought a POD GO and have been using it at home with either headphones or directly out of my Yorkville YSM8 studio monitors with great results. The other purpose for me buying this unit is to use it in a live scenario in my classic rock band which I went to test today and I have questions.


I am going Line out -> Amp FX Return ( Old 80's Marshall Mosfet lead 100 solid state head ) and obviously guitar ( Fender Tele ) in the input. The amp is plugged into a V30 equipped 4x12. I am using preamps of the POD GO only with the cab block disabled. My question is that when going through the preamps one by one just starting at the 100 who watt preamp and going down the list turning the knob I noticed something strange. The first like 20 amps are all clean and sound the same just dull with no character at all. When I got home I tested the amp vs preamp for every model and all the amps excluding a few sounded amazing with the built in power section and what was more surprising is they almost all had natural grit / gain to them. 


A quick example of what I mean if you want to reproduce it would be the amp " derailed Ingrid ". The amp sounds really really good nice gain but then switch over to the preamp version and it becomes a lifeless clean channel. This is how the preamp sounds coming out of my 4x12 at my jam space....


Am I doing something wrong? Did I connect something wrong? Is my signal path / blocks wrong? I have the most simple path ever just volume pedal -> preamp and nothing else on just for testing purpose.


Thank you!



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For whatever reason, there is no explanation of when to use pre-amps in the manual.  Some folk use it to reduce DSP load in exchange for having more basic amp controls. If you are going out the FX return of your amp, & this using it as a power amp, you might be thinking that if you are using your amps power section you only need a pre-amp Pod Go model. However, its the full amp model that delivers the relationship/interaction of that specific amp models power amp & pre-amp sections & its that combination that gives that amps character - just going through your FX return doesn't really give you that.  So the simple answer is, just use what sounds best to you - if you prefer the full version use that, & if you prefer the preamp version with your amp, use that. 

But using the pre-amp model can be a useful option when using certain cab IR's and this vid might be helpful to explain why. 




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