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Curious about how the tap tempo is being used for chorus and delay


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I have a helix floor and stomp xl.  Been using Line 6 stuff since the first pod. Been reading this site for years and have enjoyed most of the conversations and have learned a ton.  Thank you!


For some of my patches I have a delay (or trem, or Chorus, etc.) and i have recently changed the timing to use the tap tempo.  I would love to know how some of you are doing this.  do you have it set to 1/4, 1/8??? which is easiest to change when playing live.   I know this is a very open question, so let me explain why I'm asking.


I have a hard time setting the time using the tap tempo live.  For example, if I want it to get to 120, I can't really do that.  I have not figured out the best way to make the adjustment by tapping.   Let's take a slap back on the delay.  I used to set it manually at 130 to 150.  now I have it set to tap tempo 1/8.  the thought being I could change it live depending on what I want.  I know I need to just dig in and keep playing with it, and I will.  I would like to hear how you guys have it set up.  Is it easier to tap what you need when it is set to 1/4 instead of 1/8?  Things like that is what I'm looking for.



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When I use the tap tempo to tap in my quarter notes, when the tempo is not ridiculously slow.  Then depending on the desired effect, the delay will be 8th notes, or dotted 8ths, etc. It's easier to tap your foot to the song's tempo, which mostly happens to be quarter notes.  4/4, or 3/4, etc...


But I also have a bunch of presets where the tempo is already pre-saved for individual snapshots.  Since we have a backing track, the tempo obviously doesn't change.  So for certain delays that are dotted 8ths "like Edge from U2" stuff, those are already pre-saved.  Then for other stuff, like my leads, I found a tempo that works for all my leads--simply a subtle stereo ping-pong...










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