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Harmony Settings - Burnin For You - Blue Oyster Cult


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Hey there - has anyone had any luck creating a harmony setting for the opening lead riff in "Burnin For You" by Blue Oyster Cult? It's in Bm so I've tried Bm and Fmaj with each scale and nothing seems right. 

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The opening harmony riff is over an F chord.... the song is actually in Am IIRC. 

  • Set the scale to C major 
  • Set the harmony to be a third below (eg: -3)
  • Play the riff starting on the E note....

The starting E note is the 5th fret on the B string. 

E... d/e/d C G... E... d/e/d C...

That will toss this underneath ... 

C... b/c/b A E... C... b/c/b A....


(HINT: If you set the harmony as a third up instead, play the lower riff starting on the C note and it puts the higher part on top)


Here are the settings I used... there may be a better harmony block to use, I was just sketching it out to make sure it worked. 

You will see that voice 2 is turned right down, so it is not used. 





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