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Spider V120 MK2 fails multiple times during rehersal and live shows


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Hey guys,


I use the V120 MK2 for a bit over a year now and I love the amp in general BUT I am having very bad problems.

Either that amp stops the output completely (only solvable via factory reset) or it suddenly only outputs weird aggressive noises (like if the cable isn't connected correctly). This happened like 5-6 times in the last year. During rehearsal I can get my notebook and transfer all the sounds back on the amp. Sadly a complete backup of the amp via mobile connection is not possible - but the app is very bad in general so...


I also had that error during three gigs until now... Suddenly my amp outputs really loud and disturbing noise - its horrible and I will not play it anymore because the risk is too big.

So to come to my question - does anybody have the same issue and maybe a solution?

I was thinking about opening it and install a fan for cooling.


I hate to have those problems, because if it would work properly I could enjoy my gigs again ..


Thanks for listening to my ted-talk.

Looking forward to hear from you guys!



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Totally not normal and I've had my V 120 since 2017.    Still solid.


Note, while I have lots of custom tones and I have my laptop and cable with me at Gig's in case I need to do a "repair", I do not have anything connected to the USB during performances.   Just my FBV3, Cat 6 cable to the FVB3 and XLR connections to the snake to the sound board.


Also, make sure power and "grounding" is good at your venues.  


But yeah, Line 6 support is there.   If it's over a year old, be sure to let them know when this issue started.    Make sure to report issues to Line 6 swifter in the future if you use their products.   If you move to something else, be sure to always be prompt with the support from that maker as well.

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