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Using HD 500X XLR Outputs


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I have always used my HD500X 1/4 inch mono output to go to an amp, or to a mixer using a direct box.  Recently, I changed my connections to using the XLR outputs to a mixer and cannot get any volume from the outputs.  I am not new to the sound system setup and understand the ins and outs of low impedance balanced connections.  Even with my mixer input gain maxed, the volume is barely hearable.  What am I missing?  I just realized tonight, and cannot check now, but I have only tried patches that I made, not any of the factory patches.

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The POD XLR outputs can only give a MIC level (i.e. low level) signal and for this reason must be connected to MIC-ready mixer channels, so the resulting volume can be as expected and not low.

Instead, the 1/4" jack outputs can give a signal either at LINE level (i.e. high level) or at MIC/AMP level (low level) depending on the setting of the dedicated switch near the pedal.

So in this last case, depending on the selected switch setting, they must be connected to mixer channels set up for LINE or MIC.



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Thanks for the answers on my HD500X XLR outputs question.  I did not know that the XLR outputs are mic level only and have switched back to the 1/4 inch outputs using a direct box.  Works great now.


Mike Winfield


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