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Clean Slate For Pod Farm

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I own a Toneport Di Gold and also purchased Pod farm 2. I haven't used it for several years but am getting ready to install it on a different computer with a fresh copy of window XP Pro. Obviously

windows has moved on a bit since XP but I would still like to use XP.

Even with my sticking with XP, is it stil best to use all the latest software or is there no point to this.

I would find it very helpful to hear anyone's opinion on the best way to go about putting Pod farm 2

on my PC please. I do still have my original Gearbox disc but did read somewhere on this forum that it wasn't advisable to work my way up to Pod Farm from Gearbox.

Thanks in advance.



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I would start with the newest.

Download newest Monkey and update everything.


If you start to run into problems you can roll back to an early XP driver/firmware.

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