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OK to store Helix next to large speaker cab when not in use?


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Hi All,


I have a small room in which I use the Helix that doubles as an office, so space is at a premium. Ideally, when not in use it would work well for me to store the Helix directly in front of my 2x15 speaker cab to tuck it out of the way yet have it in a handy spot to swing it out and play.


I realize I'm being abundantly cautious here, but if I mess up the Helix I'm in no position to get another one for quite some time... so I'm wondering if that sort of close proximity to a large speaker can cause any sort of harm to the Helix due to the fields from the driver magnets. 


Any feedback greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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There are many amps with digital electronics in the knob section that sits right on top of the amp. I would say with great confidence that you can do that. And if it was an issue I would hope that Line 6 would mention it since speakers are a neccesary part of the Helix.

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@dphoba2 Nothing to worry about!   


So long as you're not holding your new Helix while undergoing an MRI, or otherwise expose it to a Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse (aka an EMP) it will be fine. Far more damage can result from ordinary household events such as a s spilled Cola or Beer spill, etc. 


I do not work for nor represent Line6.

Also, if you have not seen it, find the Line6 torture test video they posted on YouTube years ago when they were dropping and kicking the Helix Foor unit. It very clearly demonstrates how rugged the Helix Floor is. The video may also still be available on Line6's website. It's comforting to watch what they put the unit through and it still works great. 


After posting the message above, the following arrived amongst my emails this morning, and I thought you may find it of interest: is reporting heightened Solar Flare activities of high energy Class X intensity are disrupting Radio Transmissions, with more to come.


"A powerful solar flare disrupted radio and navigation signals across North America on Aug. 7 and prompted space weather forecasters to issue warnings because of energetic particles hitting Earth.

It was the second X-flare in less than three days — and we should brace for more such activity." 

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