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Am I outta luck?


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Hey there all of you in the land of Helix, I purchased an HX Effects when they first came out. I rented it first to see if I liked it then purchased the same unit afterwards as a depreciated rental unit because my Long and McQuade do stand behind their product and have great warranty service. Ever since it was new the unit has had the same problem; Sometimes upon powering up an error code comes up so I learned the factory reset routine of pushing the two switches while powering up and went forwars from there . My unit has a flaky power connector and during this latest update it got jiggled, the unit shut off and upon powering up that same old error code came up but when I tried the factory reset, it did not work, Now I have a unit that won't boot up properly and HX Edit the newest version does not recognize the unit as being there, I haven't been able to do a factory reset, I can't seem to get a backup loaded iin and I can't install the latest update either. In short, I think I'm out of options with a non functioning unit way past warranty. Am I screwed? Or perhaps there is a secret factory deep code that only one employee knows? I hope somebody can help me get it running because it was supposed to be the main hub of my pedalboard.

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Have you tried opening a support ticket? Remember to include the error code. If it's a known issue, you may be able to get it serviced under warranty despite its being out of the official warranty period. 


However, if this has been happening since it was new, you should have contacted support long ago, while it was still under warranty.

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