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"What You Need" Elliot Easton Preset Effects?


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I went to GC the other day and had a chance to play the Spyder V MK2 and was obsessed with the 24B What You Need preset. Was wondering if anyone knew what all the effects were in that preset? 

I remember being a square chorus, brite room reverb, multihead delay, some sort of synth(i wanna say bit crusher?), and some compressor? I'd just like to know what effects they are and what they are based off of. I am planning on buying a HX Effects and would like to translate the preset onto the HX Effects.




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After reading your post I was curious myself:


Syth - Tape Eater --- Amp Solo 93 100 Head with 4x12 Brit T75 --- After Amp Comp on - Mod - Analog Square Chorus - Delay - Multi Head Delay - Reverb - Brite Room.


Hope this helps.


Certainly, an Interesting Patch!!!!!!




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