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Switching amps via snapshots


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Hey All,


Don't have a Helix yet, but I'm just trying to get some info before I make the purchase. If I have two paths with 2 separate amp+cab and i toggle between the 2 amps via snapshots, will it be an abrupt change or does the previous amp trail like it does for modulation effects?


Thanks in advance!

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It will be an instantaneous change. 

An alternative method is to leave both amps on (no snapshots needed) and assign the same footswitch to control the Channel Volume of both amps. Use opposing Min/Max pedal levels to blend the mix of each amp, with the toe and heel positions providing the equivalent of an on/off switch for the respective amps.

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If you switch between 2 paths, there will not be any audio interruption.  If you want trails, you can always add a delay block (or 2 delay blocks) after your amps.  I've used that trick in the past:


Set up the delay with the desired time, feedback, etc.  Set the delay trails to be "on".  Assign the "mix" parameter to snapshots.  Then save your snapshots:

Snapshot 1: delay is mixed at 0%, delay is turned on

Snapshot 2: delay is mixed at 15%, delay block is bypassed



do the same thing with the other amp.


End result, you catch the "trails". 



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