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Light Under Model Knob Not Always On

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Hi Folks. I have a JTV-59. When I want to switch the pickup switch from 1-3-5 pickups to 2-3-4, I push in the Tuning know as instructed in the manual. (Usually) the light under the Model knob turns blue.  Lately I have encountered situations where the light is not blue no matter how many times I push in the tuning know. Other times it works fine.  I am colorblind and not sure what to call the not-blue light, but there seems to be no light at all. 


Lately I have been working a lot on tones in HX Edit including changing models. Not sure if that is involved in the cause. I miss that darn light and it doesn't take long for me to forget which mode (2-3-4/1-3-5) I'm in. 


While I have your attention, is there a way to replace the 3-way switch with a 5-way? May be a complicated solution given the electronics but thought I would ask. 








Helix LT Floor Model 

All Firmware up to date


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Is it just the light that’s not working while the model switch happens as expected,  or is the model not switching either? The answer to that will determine whether the fault is with the physical knob operation or just the internal LED.


I’m not aware of any way to replace the 3-way toggle with a 5-way. At best it would be a complicated solution as you say.

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What silverhead said. 


Hmmm,... the model knob should stay blue while you a in that mode. 


Can't do a 3-way to 5-way conversion, the program won't know how to deal with that. 

Board is programmed for the guitar body, pick-up and switch configuration it's in. And

not enough space in the cavities if you could do a conversion. 


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Thanks for your responses. Too bad about the 5-switch option. 


I have confirmed that the issues is Preset related. Some of my homemade presets always work. Others never work.   When it isn't working, I don't hear any changes in tone when I press the Tuning knob, so more evidence that it's not "just the light". 


Got me thinking maybe the guitar is "locked" in 1-3-5 mode.  However, I just checked and while the Tuning switch press will not work correctly on these presets, while watching the Variax model in HX Edit, it DOES switch the Model - for instance from Spank4 to Spank5.  Even though it doesn't sound like it and I don't get the light color change. 


It would be nice to figure out the root cause, but I have found a workaround.  I found that all the "New Presets" (unused, empty ones) are OK.  I recreated one of the broken presets and it works fine.  I upgraded to Helix a few months ago, so I don't have too many broken ones to recreate.  I hope the broken presets were corrupted because I created them by copying from a bad source preset. Hope so. 


Thank you both for your input! 

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