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Variax Acoustic nylon 300 volume problem

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HI, is it normal that my variax acoustic nylon 300 has, a very low outout volume compared to electric guitar and the upper 3 strings volume is lower that thicker strings. Is there anything I can do to get the volume same for all strings? Is there replacement parts available anywhere?

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Hi, nylon 300 don't have connection for workbech, it has only normal cable output which can be used to power nylon 300. Thank you anyway. I'm thinking sending it to nearest service center. I bought this guitar as it was, and didn't pay enough attention to it then.

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Right, no WB for the nylon, forgot that. Haven't serviced a nylon in a while.

Service center would be good. An older product like that, I would expect a solder point or two to

go intermittent, or a connector not seating in all the way. And they can check and/or adjust the set-up as needed.


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