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Shuriken SR270 Tuning Issues


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I purchased a Shuriken SR270 Baritone guitar somewhat recently. When I received it, unless I'm crazy, it expected to be tuned as a baritone guitar using BEADF#B. That seemed to work find where I tune the SR270 to BEADF#B and then the Baritone setting on the tuning knob gave me pass through and the Standard setting would pitch BEADF#B up 5 steps to EADGBE. I made some changes in workbench which didn't work so well and ended up resetting to factory. I was able to get a factory Shuriken Bundle file from Line 6, but the tunings are set for the SR250 standard scale instead of the SR270 baritone scale. Since then, I can't seem to override the settings on the tuning knob to set everything correctly so I can tune the guitar to baritone like I thought it was designed for and play alternate tunings using modeling. This is my 4th Variax guitar, so I'm not new to Variaxes in general, but the only one I have which is a longer scale and expected to be tuned to baritone. Is there anyway to overcome this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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