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moving presets/setlists from Stomp to StompXL messes snapshots...


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Hi everyone,

i own a HX Stomp and a HX Stomp XL

Very often, after using the Stomp XL (rehearsal room)  I export my presets/setlist using a computer and HX Edit.

Then I import (at home) presets and setlist into my HX Stomp.

Sofar it works OK, but i have noticed that:

- when I import a HX Stomp XL preset into the HX Stomp, and then export the same preset, then all info related to the 4th snapshot gets lost... This is logical, since HX Stomp does not support a 4th snapshot.

Still, I wish that the info about the 4th snapshot would stay in the exported preset .hlx file ! That would make it easier to move presets back and forth between HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL...


Any idea how to solve this issue ?!




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