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Laptop reset halfway through an update ... I now have a dead Helix


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October 2023


Hi I just tried updating my Helix for the first time since I bought it back in 2018.  Registered it, downloaded HX Edit, performed a backup.

I use Windows 11 so had to disable memory integrity.  I started the update but my laptop hit a problem, bluescreened and restarted itself half way through the update.  


I now have a Helix which says "Boot Failure. Entered update mode!"

HX Edit says "No Device connected"

Line6 Updater briefly says "Helix floor is being used by another application" then goes blank.


The only option for available in HX Edit is "extract the backup files"


What do I do? 



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@kditchburnIt is very unlikely that your Helix is bricked.


Once you have confirmed your Win 11 laptop is back up and running properly, if you have any custom Presets, be sure you back them up using Win File Mgr. 


Next, Uninstall any and all of your Helix factory software and drivers. Once all the factory Helix Software is off of your laptop, log in to your Line 6 Account and download a clean new copy of Helix Native. The latest version is 3.62. When the download completes, launch it and allow it to install onto your laptop. Your Helix need not be connected to your Laptop for HX Edit to install to your laptop. This install will also install the latest version of Line 6 Updater (which you may or may not need to use in the next few steps), and all related drivers, etc.


When HX Edit 3.62 and it's related content has installed to your laptop, exit HX Edit.


With your Helix powered off and not connected to your laptop, browse over to to view the Reset Options for Safe Boot Mode. The direct URL is:  Power off your Helix and then power it up in Safe Boot Mode by holding the 6 and 12 Footswitches. This should get your device to Safe Mode. Then power off your Helix. Connect it to your laptop, and then again power on your Helix to Safe Boot Mode by holding the 6 and 12 Footswitches. Then Launch HX Edit and see if HX Edit recognizes the device. If so, allow it to update the device and follow all the instructions precisely!


If HX Edit fails to recognize your device, close HX Edit, and Launch Line 6 Updater. You can do this with you device still powered on and connected to your laptop. If Line 6 Updater fails to see your device. Power it off and then power it on again to Safe Boot Mode.


Once Line 6 Updater recognizes your device, you will be able to manually select the latest firmware for your device from your online Line 6 Account. Be aware that the latest firmware version for your device will be 3.60 -- not be 3.62!


Hope this gets you back up and running.

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On 10/17/2023 at 10:33 PM, kditchburn said:

What do I do? 



This “walk through” fix it solution (see below) was put together almost a year ago, but the technique is the same for any failed update.



A couple of things to remember while following the instructions - any reference to Firmware, HX Edit and Updater version numbers need to be the very latest available. 

NOTE: You said you have tried updating your Helix for the first time since I bought it back in 2018”. You didn’t mention what version of the Firmware you had installed, but it must have been prior to v.2.80 (released 2019). I mention this because with v.2.80, there was a major change to the Core engine of the Helix, which caused many users think they had “bricked” their unit when it seemed to have failed halfway through the process. There was a similar update to the Core at v.3.50 and the Release Notes mention the update could take in excess of 30 minutes. You may want to read the current 3.60 Release Notes before  commencing the update. Remember - DON’T PANIC!



Hope this helps/makes sense.

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