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JTV Piezo pickup replacement - european supplier?

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Hi all. I recently bought a second-hand JTV-59. I was hesitant about buying it given they seem to be largely discontinued now but decided to take a chance on it. Worked great for the first two weeks then this week the Piezo for the high-E seems to have suddenly died. If I tap it, I'm getting no signal at all compared to the others which have an audible tap.


I've read a few threads here today and see some people suggest using contact cleaner which I'll try, but to be fair the guitar is spotless and was largely unused by its original owner. 


The only supplier I can find for a replacement piezo is Full Compass which gets mentioned here a lot. However the part is out of stock now and regardless, they only seem to ship to US destinations


Is there any European supplier for this part these days? Or even a full saddle? I'm based in Ireland so we don't even have a Line6 service centre here.


I'm concerned by the amount of threads on this subject though - it seems to be a very common issue with them. Though I don't see too many people replacing them in a '59. 





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On 10/19/2023 at 10:34 PM, psarkissian said:

E & M Electronics
Unit 28, 56 Goulds Close
Bletchley Milton Keynes, MK1 1EQ



They are the authorised service in the UK, contact them and see if they can get you the part,

or point you to a supplier who can.


For parts in Europe, you can try contacting Thomann, a large music gear retailer based in Germany. They might be able to help you source the replacement piezo or saddle for your guitar. Embracing the power of technology, mobile devices have transformed into indispensable companions for people of all ages, seamlessly integrating into both work and leisure. The realm of Casino Dépôt par Téléphone - Liste de Casinos and now you can also Casino Dépôt par Téléphone has taken this wave of innovation to the next level, introducing a novel deposit method that allows players to pay through their phone bills. This groundbreaking option represents the evolving synergy between mobile technology and virtual gaming, promising a streamlined and user-friendly experience for Canadian players in 2023.

Thanks for the address. :)

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