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JTV Variax firmware rollback.

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Here's a procedure that I copied awhile ago. It's rolling back from version 2.0 but I believe it's still the correct procedure. I am not sure if the links are still accurate. Hope this helps.


If you have already installed HD 2.0 FW , Dont use monkey to "roll back" to FW1.82, or FW1.90 - many reports of problems on the Line6 Forums.
Use the step by step procedure below for a reliable / trouble free FX 1.90 installation on your Tyler Variax.
Its best to revert all the way back to FW 1.71 VXF file  - BEFORE you install the FX 1.90 VXF.

Also be sure the Volume knob is turned up - and Not at "0" during any FW update procedure, as this enables auto power off on Tyler Variax guitars and WILL corrupt the firmware update process.

Be sure you are following these Variax firmware update procedure instructions exactly

Tyler Variax Firmware 1.90 Revert Procedure.
1) Use the Workbench software to back up your guitar presets before updating if you would like to keep them.

2) Download Tyler Variax FW 1.71 VXF Flash file,

3) Use the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility to verify your FW1.71 VXF file is good.

4) Use latest Line6 Monkey (must be at least Monkey version 1.62) to install FW 1.71 VXF

5) Follow Variax firmware install procedure instructions here. During the update, select 'NO' when asked if you would like to keep the presets on the guitar.

6) Verify the guitar works, then download Tyler Variax FW 1.90 VXF

7) Use the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility to verify your FW 1.90 VXF file is good.

8 ) Use Line6 Monkey and install  FW1.90 VXF Flash file,  During the update, select 'NO' when asked if you would like to keep the presets on the guitar.

Flash Memory 1.90

Filesize: 456.13 KB
MD5: cc7757ed4a0a075eb2ccf651e443a2b5
If your download does not start, click here
NOTE: Line 6 Monkey 1.62 is required in order to install this firmware update.

The v1.9 firmware update for James Tyler(r) Variax(r) features enhanced palm muting for a more natural response to muted guitar parts and aggressive playing styles. It also provides faster updates with additional error checking.

For JTV-89 Customers Only: In addition to the 28 electric, acoustic and eclectic instruments, you also get five high-gain models exclusive to JTV-89 loaded into custom bank 1. Each model is based on a different pickup position, and delivers high-gain guitar tone while allowing you to access drop tunings, custom Dream Rig configurations and more.

The five high-gain models come with a couple caveats: 1. For the time being, they are not editable in Workbench, nor will you be able to mix and match the body or pickup models. 2. For the time being, the High Gain Model is hard-wired into the Custom 1 bank. You will not be able to overwrite the Custom 1 bank from the guitar or from Workbench.

NOTE: (when updating from 1.71): If you've loaded your guitar with custom models and would like to retain your current custom banks and/or custom models, please sync with Variax Workbench and save your custom model set. You will be able to re-load your models from Workbench after you've completed the update.

NOTE: an MD5 Checksum is a file validating algorithm which we use so that you can verify that files you download from this site are not corrupted during the download process. If you have problems downloading or installing the file on this page, make a note of the MD5 checksum posted above, then click HERE to download the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility. Instructions for using this utility are on the page it is downloaded from.


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