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Solution: Ext Amp turns off Marshall DSL fx loop


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Solution to Helix Ext amp switch turning off FX when switching channels.



When I first used the Helix Ext Amp to switch DSL20 channels, the FX loop was 'on' when the Ultra Gain channel was activated. When the clean channel was activated the FX loop switched off. The following solved the issue for me i.e. the FX loop is on all the time, which is what I want.  



DSL20 footswitch uses TSR sleeve-tip to switch channels on/off, and sleeve-ring to switch FX loop on/off. Helix permits only the use of either tip or ring or tip+sleeve connected at the same time ergo switching the amp must common the channel and FX loop (at least I think that's what's happening!!??). 



Send additional logic (using the 'Instant' function) to switch to 'fool' it into switching on the FX loop: 


1. Connect a TRS-TRS cable from Ext Amp to DSL footswitch jack.


2. Set the ext amp channel switch:

In Helix Command centre set Footswitch (choose a number 1-12) to:  Command = Ext Amp, Select = 1(Tip), Type = Latching. 


3. Create the additional logic: Select an 'Instant'. Set Command = Ext Amp, Select = 1(Ring), Wait time = 0 ms. 


Note: the Instant command only takes effect when a patch is changed as it is a global command. This is not a limitation (I think) as if the FX loop is switched on all the time, FX can be switched on/off as normal. To change the FX loop state, change the Instant setting. 


Hope this helps. G 

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