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Routing question


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I just want to check what everyone thinks about this. I use my Stomp live and feed the mainL/R to FoH and the SendL/R to my personal monitor. See image. What has me baffled is the routing assignment, because I'm sure I hear a difference when the sendL is in the path (as compared to removing it). Can't figure out why, I would assume the SendL really does the same thing as the SendL/R. Is it me or is there an explanation to what I am hearing?  

2023-11-04 15_50_03-Window.jpg

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The Send output jack has three pins: Tip, ring, sleeve.


SendL sends a mono mixed signal via the Send output's tip, no signal on the ring.

SendL/R sends a stereo signal via the Send output using tip for L and ring for R.


If you connect to your monitor with a TS cable you get the reverb mixed to mono with SendL and the left reverb channel with SendL/R.

If you use mono reverb there should be no difference btw.


If you use a TRS cable into a balanced input of the monitor it'll sound weird with the SendL/R unless you use Type Mono and Pan L100.


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