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Pedal reverb aftern Pod Go output


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Hi everybody,

I am going to evaluate the possibility to save 1 chain slot of the PODGo using an external pedal reverb. 

Since I have the FXloop already set for a 4CM connection, I think the best for me would be put the pedal reverb after the PODGo Output, but before the speakers/amp return (depending if I am at home or in play room).

Basing on your experience (maybe someone has tried a similar connection), can I put the pedal reverb between the POD GO output and the speakers input ? Any drawback? 

Thank you in advance,


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That should be no problem. Make sure you use Global Settings -> Ins/Outs to set the main output level to Instrument, not Line. This matches what your Reverb pedal will be expecting. Also make sure the levels match between your Reverb pedal output and your speaker input(s).

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On 11/8/2023 at 9:01 AM, Giobbe314 said:

save 1 chain slot .. external pedal reverb .. can I ..


Sure you can, now should you want to?  I think a drive or maybe compression pedal would make more sense, as they tend to be cheaper (you can get some good/decent $20 OD/distortion pedals from aliexpress, gearbest, etc.,) and the reverbs of the Go are more comparable to $400 reverb pedals.  So for saving blocks, imho, would be better value to use the Go reverbs and get cheap outboard pedal for distortion or such.


There's also a preset with 7 free blocks,, so choosing the cheapest amp (del sol 300 costs is 0??), you'll likely get more  DSP available, as well as usable blocks, if you're using 4CM with your amp.




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