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Use HD500X as an ASIO interface without hearing the POD tones


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Hi, I'm trying to figure out if the HD500X can take the place of a desktop USB interface I use with Amplitube.


Now, I go back and forth between using the HD500X and my other interface, because I can't figure out how to mute the tones produced by the POD itself.


When I use my other interface, I have a knob where I can blend the original direct input signal into my monitoring headphones. I can turn the knob all the way so I only hear the signal after it's processed with amplitube, or there are some software settings that completely disable direct monitoring.


Can I set up something similar on the HD500X? The minimum I need would be a way to totally mute the POD tones and hear amplitube only. It would be nice if I could figure out a way to blend amplitube and POD with a knob, but I could get by without that.

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On 11/13/2023 at 6:43 PM, guhxaa said:

I can't figure out how to mute the tones produced by the POD itself


Open the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices driver control panel and set the Hardware Monitor Level to zero


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