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Line 6 Central does not detect JTV-59

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The new Line 6 Central utility states that it is compatible with the JTV series. However, when I have my JTV-59 connected via VDI to my Helix Rack Line 6 Central shows only the Helix as a connected device. It does not recognize the JTV.


Line 6 Monkey does recognize the JTV, even though it does not recognize the Helix Rack (no surprise there).


Can anyone confirm?

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Hey silverhead. This is not specific to your system. I was told that a user cannot update a Variax via a Helix, instead they must use an HD 500x or the VDI USB device. I was told Variax was never supported for updates via Helix. Nevertheless, we have a bug in for this. 


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I have the same issue.  The “D” string of my JTV-89F is muted.  Line6 support recommended reflashing the firmware.  I did this previously with Line6 Monkey-HD500X-JTV.  Now that I upgraded to Helix, the new Lin6 Central can recognize Helix but not JTV.  Since I only used my JTV with HD500X or Helix, I never used the battery/Variax USB adapter, since the pedalboard supplied power to the JTV.  

So I charged the battery and will attempt to reflash firmware from computer to JTV via the adapter later today. I still have the Line6 Monkey software and tried to update that way but it won’t work.  It looks like Line6 removed a lot of functionality from the software. 

I guess I am surprised and disappointed that Line6 didn’t think it was important to configure the Helix to be able to update the JTV.  I mean they are two of their products that are intended to work together.  If anything I would expect Line6 to cater to Helix-JTV customers.  How many “Dream Rig” HD500X/JTV customers updated to the Helix?   I can’t be the only one.  I am encouraged that it is being worked on but what should we expect for timeline?


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